Wolfspeed will Invest $5 billion for New Facility in Chatham County

Wolfspeed, a global leader in silicon carbide semiconductor manufacturing, has chosen Siler City, NC for its newest semiconductor manufacturing plant. The company plans to invest more than $5 billion and will create 1,800 jobs.

Wolfspeed, headquartered in Durham, was founded over 30 years ago on the campus of North Carolina State University. The company has 60% of the world’s market share for silicon carbide materials used in semiconductors and other manufacturing efforts. The new factory will have 10 times more output than Wolfspeed’s current silicon carbide factory, which is the largest of its kind in the world, and will increase the company’s capacity to manufacture and process silicon carbide materials used in semiconductors. Semiconductors are used in electric vehicles (EVs), 5G networks, offshore wind and other clean energy applications. Wolfspeed’s semiconductors will allow those products to run more efficiently and use less energy.


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