Company Testimonial

Inmar Intelligence

Data and Tech-Enabled Services Company Oversees Billions of Dollars in Commerce from the Carolina Core

Anyone who has redeemed a coupon, returned a product or filled a prescription has touched Inmar Intelligence.

From marketing, financial to operations solutions, Inmar is helping brands, retailers, hospitals and healthcare companies apply technology and data science to improve outcomes for consumers and those who serve them.

“We’re an extension of your technology team. We’re an extension of your strategy team,” says Inmar Intelligence Chairman and CEO David Mounts. “We stay abreast of all the technological changes and tools. We’re an extension to help you determine the right data strategy for your business.”

A Legacy of Warmth and Innovation

Inmar was founded as Carolina Coupon Clearing in 1980, transforming the coupon industry by digitizing the then-paper process. The company saw an opportunity to apply its technology to other industries and now offers technology and tools to help brands, retailers and health care companies.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth and are very well positioned to continue growing as we hit our 40th anniversary,” Mounts says. “These are still the ‘good old days’ of Inmar.”

Today Inmar employs 4,500 people across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and India. In addition to its headquarters at the Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, the company operates offices in cities across the country including New York, San Francisco, Austin and Chicago. Embracing its evolution, the company recently undertook an extensive rebranding initiative that included a new name, Inmar Intelligence.

Inmar’s Innovation Quarter headquarters builds on the innovative history of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company that once stood on the site. The location is now light-drenched and retrofitted for contemporary office operations.

“We took what was an old manufacturing facility and turned it into a state-of-the-art, LEED Platinum-certified space,” says Mounts.

The bright, open space is complemented by the vibrant, walkable atmosphere of downtown Winston-Salem. “This is a community where people can walk to work and know the people they pass. Neighbors are friends,” Mounts says.

That welcoming energy dates back to Winston-Salem’s founding by the Moravians, according to Mounts. “The Moravians settled in the area after fleeing persecution in Europe and could be considered ahead of their time as believers that men and women are equal and founders of the country’s oldest women’s college, Salem College,” he says. “From women’s rights to racial equality, their values are embedded in our culture of acceptance, valuing each other and working together,” Mounts adds, noting that Winston-Salem today has the highest giving per capita of any city outside of Seattle.

Securing a Talent Pipeline

The Carolina Core’s forward-thinking innovation and acceptance continue to resonate with new talent eager to join the welcoming environment.

Inmar has successfully attracted talent from both inside the Carolina Core and outside, as local universities produce high-quality graduates while experienced professionals are happy to move to North Carolina. In particular, Inmar has had success with an internship program from which the company is able to often hire. Out-of-state students are also known to become unofficial ambassadors for the Carolina Core, sharing their positive experience with peers.

Mounts is also involved in myFutureNC, an initiative to ensure that by the year 2030, 2 million North Carolinians ages 25 through 44 have a high-quality credential or post-secondary degree. Currently, 1.3 million North Carolinians meet that goal.

“We are always looking ahead and together working toward the most prosperous future. Initiatives like myFutureNC are critical to maintaining our competitive advantage, and it has the support of local business leaders,” says Mounts.