Company Testimonial

Samet Corporation

Family Construction Company Expands Under New Generation of Leadership

Samet Corporation is building the home base for new companies and attractions in the Carolina Core.

Since 1961, Samet Corporation has rooted its work in the core values of service, quality, innovation, trust and safety. Now under a new generation of family leadership, the company is maintaining those values while expanding its footprint and creating practices and programs to attract and retain the best talent.

With construction projects ranging from industrial warehouses to baseball stadiums in Winston-Salem and High Point, Samet Corporation’s work is critical to the growth and development of the Carolina Core.

Expanding Services and Territory 

For nearly 60 years, Samet Corporation has been a premier builder based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. The company, founded by Norman Samet in 1961, later expanded its services into speculative construction and to areas across the Carolina Core. 

In its second generation of family leadership, now under Arthur Samet as Chairman/CEO, the company has diversified beyond its core commercial and industrial capabilities and into multi-family housing, education, health care, senior living, civic, sports and entertainment centers, and real estate development. At the same time, Samet Corporation has expanded its territory across the Southeast, with offices in Charlotte, Raleigh and Charleston.  

The company has been on a steady growth trajectory with up to 275 employees today. 

Investing in Talent 

To support growth, Samet Corporation has focused on the development of its associates to ensure they have a successful career path and the resources to execute responsibilities and goals. 

“A true value-add in the Carolina Core is the labor shed and the ability to draw labor for critical roles within a 45-minute travel time,” says Arthur Samet. “We’re committed to finding the right people for our company and keeping them.” 

As part of their employee retention efforts, the company created Samet University, an internal training program that teaches tactical and strategic skills, and a leadership development cohort that takes a group of 20 employees through a two-year program to prepare them for more advanced roles and responsibilities.  

“We spend more time with our colleagues than our families, so we want all of our employees to be happy to work here and with each other,” Samet says. In addition to professional development opportunities, the company offers social events and community involvement opportunities to keep employees engaged and enthusiastic. 

Work-Life Balance Good for Business 

Part of Samet Corporation’s productivity and employee engagement strategy is recognizing the importance of work-life balance. 

“We live in a great place,” Samet says. “It’s easy to live here, with commutes as quick as 10 minutes and a cost of living that allows access to everything there is to enjoy. It’s really an efficient place to do business where we can scale up with good folks who produce a better yield because they’re happy.” 

A motivated and satisfied workforce, Samet adds, is part of the Carolina Core’s unique value proposition for incoming companies. “There is a lot of potential in our labor shed and in our strategic location between Charlotte and Raleigh, two of the fastest growing markets in the U.S.” 

“The barbells are going to close in as both businesses and residents see the Carolina Core as a prime place to locate,” states Samet. “I see tremendous potential to come throughout this region.”