Company Testimonial

Bethany Medical

Specialty Health Care Provider Invests in Patients and Community

The family behind the Carolina Core’s largest independent provider of medical services is also behind some of its biggest redevelopments.

Bethany Medical was founded in 1987 with a single doctor on staff. Today, more than 550 doctors are employed across nine locations as the organization aims to “create easy access and the best experience for all our patients,” says Elise Peters Carey, President of Bethany Medical.

Peters Carey’s commitment to the local community is deepened through her role as President of Peters Development, a full-service real estate development and investment firm that is involved in the multi-million-dollar, mixed-used High Point downtown catalyst project.

Growing With the Community

Bethany Medical’s growth from one to 550 doctors has been in response to community needs. “The Carolina Core has seen much growth over the last 30 years. As the area has grown, so has Bethany Medical,” Peters Carey says.

As Bethany Medical has grown, an emphasis has been placed on serving everyone in the community. “We work to make our services as accessible and comprehensive as possible,” Peters Carey adds, noting that clinics are open seven days a week with extended evening hours, conduct lab services in-house and accept all insurances to help guarantee patients can get the care they need when they need it.

Founded by Peters Carey’s father, Dr. Lenny Peters, Bethany Medical has long been a mission-driven organization. “We are united for our love for our patients and fellow mankind. From our extended hours to our logo of a door through which all can walk, we want to make sure that message resonates,” says Peters Carey.

Attracting Talent from Near and Far

To hire for key positions, Bethany Medical is typically able to pull from the local market. When the organization does recruit from outside, most often for executive roles, the Carolina Core’s quality of life is among the chief selling points.

“People are excited about the prospect of life here,” Peters Carey says, pointing out that North Carolina is the fourth fastest-growing state in the country behind Texas, Florida and Arizona. “This is a place where you can get involved and have great prospects for your career as well as start and raise a family.”

The organization recently recruited a new hire for its finance department from Arizona, who cited the personal opportunities for their family as a leading decision to make the move.

The Peters family themselves are also testaments to the Carolina Core’s pull. “I was born and raised in High Point and after a decade in Philadelphia and New York City decided I wanted to raise my two daughters in the Carolina Core and be part of this community,” says Peters Carey. Her father, Dr. Lenny Peters, lived in India, London and Pittsburgh before ultimately settling in the Carolina Core and founding Bethany Medical.

“As a boomerang resident myself, I know how special High Point and the Carolina Core are,” says Peters Carey. “There’s appeal and security in knowing you live in an environment both great for business and living.”

Building a Healthier Community

For Bethany Medical, growth will continue to mirror the growth of the community—for which all projections point upward.

“Population growth aside, there’s a lot of momentum from business leaders who come together and present a united force to attract more businesses and residents,” Peters Carey says.

Part of that momentum is the High Point downtown catalyst project where 11 acres are being master planned with a stadium, hotel, apartments, offices, shops and more. Peters Development is behind a five story, 100,000 square foot residential, retail and commercial use space as well as a new headquarters for Bethany Medical.

“We exist to better the community in everything we do. With this development project, our hope is that High Point can provide our families with a more active lifestyle, access to great amenities, exposure to diversity, and better connections,” Peters Carey says.