Liberty Storage Solutions Expanding in Davie County

Liberty Storage Solutions, which designs and manufacturers a range of products from simple storage buildings to elaborate man caves and she-sheds, will invest $8 million and expects to create 50 new jobs over the next three years with average annual wages of $47,500 plus benefits. This compares to the county’s average wage of $39,000. The company has purchased 33 acres near its current location in Mocksville for the expansion.
“We are extremely blessed and excited to be able to have the opportunity granted to us to expand our manufacturing capacity in Mocksville,” said company founder and owner Bobby Eaton. “I am very grateful for all of the collaboration that has taken place. We also appreciate Mocksville and Davie County and the support that the community has blessed us with. Our pledge is to continue to generate higher-paying jobs and to continue to be the leader of our industry.”
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