Ardagh Group Expands in Forsyth County, to Add 94 Jobs

The Ardagh Group, a global manufacturer of sustainable beverage packaging, will invest $195 million and create 94 new jobs in Forsyth County to expand its largest US can manufacturing facility. The project will add 2 new high-speed can manufacturing lines at the facility on Old Milwaukee Lane along with additional building improvements. Today’s announcement represents one of the largest capital investments in Forsyth County in a decade.

“This project forms part of Ardagh’s Group’s global $2.1 billion 2021-2024 business growth investment program and is being undertaken to meet fast-growing demand as consumers increasingly recognize the environmental and quality advantages of beverage cans,” said Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America. “Our products deliver high recycle and content rates, which support customer sustainability targets and contribute to a circular economy. This latest expansion in Winston-Salem is indicative of Ardagh’s consistent commitment to supporting customer growth.”

The expansion will create 94 new jobs with an average salary of 130% of the county’s average. The company currently has 230 local employees.

“Economic growth is all about providing increased opportunities for our community. We are proud to work with the Ardagh Group to not only meet their needs for a facility expansion, but also to meet their needs for the specialized talent they need to thrive and grow,” says Mark Owens, President and CEO of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. “This project represents a significant economic investment that generates a substantial impact for our entire community in terms of workforce growth and corporate investment. It is a win for the community and the region as a whole.”

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